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The Archive (2018)
Compiled entirely from archive materials including a de-classified FBI file, The Archive tells the incredible story of David Drucker, a lawyer in 1940s America. Employed by the Soviet Union and communist China to broker trade deals with the west, his work quickly brought him to the attention of J. Edgar Hoover and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Always travelling with a Bolex 16mm camera David captured stunning footage of newly post-revolution China. However, FBI agents were never far behind, also documenting his every move. (16mm, 12 mins)
Screenings: Sheffield Doc/Fest, Cambridge Film Festival, DOC NYC, UK Jewish Film Festival, Roma CinemaDoc, Pune Film Festival and nominated for Best Short Documentary at Moscow Jewish Film Festival.


Newton Garth (2013)
Designed by Derek Walker shortly before being appointed as Chief Architect for Milton Keynes, the Newton Garth estate in Chapeltown North Leeds is a relatively rare example of a 60’s modernist terrace in the UK. Nearly 50 years after it was built, the film asks the current residents whether the democratic ethos underpinning the origins of the estate is borne out today. (DV, 5 mins)
Screenings: Istanbul Architecture and Urban Film Festival; Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam; Arquitectura Film Festival Santiago, Chile

Windmill (2009)
The wind turbine as central protagonist in this short film highlights the history of its technology and its connection with our future. Commissioned by Lumen / Screen Yorkshire. (HD, 3 mins)
Screenings: Evolution Film Festival, Leeds; Impressions Gallery, Bradford; Independent European Film Festival, Paris; Union 105, Leeds

Christmas in Huddersfield (2007)
Winner: Best Music Documentary, London Short Film Festival, 2008
Special Mention: Glimmer Short Film Festival, 2008
The remarkable story of a children’s party given by notorious punk group the Sex Pistols on Christmas Day 1977. The testimonies of those who were there, together with previously unseen footage of the Sex Pistols, reveals a largely unknown episode in the band’s history, and one very much at odds with their public persona. (HD, 10 mins)
Screenings: Edinburgh International Film Festival; Sheffield Doc/Fest; Britspotting, Berlin; Hamburg Short Film Festival; Sydney International Film Festival; World Wide Short Film Festival, Toronto; Melbourne International Film Festival; Bradford International Film Festival; Flickerfest, Sydney

Steel Man (2002)
Winner: Audience Award, Cambridge Film Festival, 2002
An ex-steel worker with a troubled history returns home after many years away. He embarks on a journey of re-discovery in a changing city which brings him to a devastating realisation about his past. (16mm, 9 mins)
Screenings: Cambridge Film Festival; International Film Festival Rotterdam; Leeds International Film Festival; London Short Film Festival; Cannes Film Festival (UK Pavilion)